Arcade Bait

by Amplitude Problem



Amplitude Problem's contribution to the "Grid Knights" Tron tribute compilation album. Mastered by Trevor Sadler of Grammy Award winning Mastermind Productions for quality and dynamics, not mere loudness.

Released by Retro Promenade Records - DOWNLOAD / PURCHASE HERE:


released June 9, 2015
Composed and produced by Amplitude Problem
Mastered by Trevor Sadler / Mastermind Productions
Released by Retro Promenade Records




Amplitude Problem Los Angeles, California

A retrofuturistic collision of synth and chip.

Trapped inside a video game since the 80s, Amplitude Problem communicates with the outside world through DX7s, Moogs and SID chips.

Amplitude Problem is Juan Irming, a Los Angeles producer, composer, sound designer and keyboardist with a focus on synthwave, chiptune, soundtracks, hip hop and video game music.
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