Tomb of Khufu

by Amplitude Problem



"This track is on darkwave rotation." - DRIVE Radio

Amplitude Problem's contribution to "Carpenter", a John Carpenter tribute album. Mastered by Trevor Sadler of Grammy Award winning Mastermind Productions for quality and dynamics, not mere loudness.

Released by Retro Promenade Records - DOWNLOAD / PURCHASE HERE:

Artwork by Sam Todhunter:


released April 7, 2015
Composed and produced by Amplitude Problem
Mastered by Trevor Sadler / Mastermind Productions
Released by Retro Promenade Records




Amplitude Problem Los Angeles, California

A retrofuturistic collision of synth and chip.

Trapped inside a video game since the 80s, Amplitude Problem communicates with the outside world through DX7s, Moogs and SID chips.

Amplitude Problem is Juan Irming, a Los Angeles producer, composer, sound designer and keyboardist with a focus on synthwave, chiptune, soundtracks, hip hop and video game music.
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